Hey Bloomington!

Just wanted to share a quick update with you: there was a hiccup at the lift station last week, the pump went out. But hey, nothing escapes the swift action of a few good men:

  • Mike Knapp: Huge shoutout to him for quickly jumping into action and arranging for Glen’s Electric to come help us out.
    • Glen’s Electric: Major kudos to them for clearing their schedule and coming quickly over to lend a hand.
  • Dillon Rich: Props to Dillon for his speedy welding skills to get that pump back up and running!
  • Wayne: A big round of applause for Wayne, who stepped in to straighten the pump and ensure it was in good working condition.

Thanks to the quick actions of these men, our lift station is actually in better shape than before! And you know what that means? Our neighbors on the north side of town can continue flushing their toilets without a worry.

It’s amazing how a bit of teamwork can tackle any challenge, right? Just wanted to share this little piece of community spirit with you. Hope it brings a smile to your face!