45 N 1st West

May 19, 2021 Time 7:01 pm



Invocation: Philip Ward

Review of minutes from April 21, 2021:

Motion to accept: Bob Searle, Mike Knapp, Vote Unanimous

Review of minutes from May 5, 2021:

Motion to accept: Dan Porter, Mike Knapp, Vote Unanimous

Attendees: Ted McGhee, Mike Knapp, Dan Porter, Bob Searle, Phillip Ward, Marilyn Wilkes, Christine Cooper

Community Attendees: Cindy Piggott, Trevin Peterson, Sherman Grandy, Diane Martin, Richard & Kathleen Nelsen, Dallas Smith, Robert Allred, Jay Ward, Elaine Porter, Roy Bunderson, Kent Bankhead, Garrett & Kelly McGee, and Blake Hart

Community Comments:

  • Kent Bankhead represents Garrett & Kelly McGee in a contract to purchase James Houston lot in the county (purchase not final). They are working on access to the property through a city road. Tim Christensen is their surveyor and suggested using platted 3rd North (between 2nd West and 3rd West), which would have to be opened up. He has done the survey but has not provided it to them yet. There is an illegal split on the property that the McGee’s are purchasing and they are working with the county to correct.


The Dee Houston deed states access to the property would be granted across his land. Purpose tonight is to meet with the council and propose opening up the road between 2nd West and 3rd West on 3rd North. The McGee’s will talk to an Engineer about recommendations for width, depth, and materials.


Garrett McGee said they spoke with Eric Dunstrell (engineer) with Forsgren. Eric is proposing a minimum 12-foot road with a 6-inch minimum pit run, with a 6-inch minimum road base and compacted to 95%. The road would go diagonally across Dee Houston’s property to the Northeast corner of the property under contract.

Dan Porter mentioned that the city is currently in the process of working on road standards. Dan mentioned there would be a requirement for a cul-de-sac prior to the ditch. Kelly McGee said they hadn’t considered that but would agree to it. The McGee’s are requesting that the city considers their request to build the road. Garrett did state that soil samples will be taken. The mayor would like to stay with our width standard at this point, which is 20-22 feet driving surface within city limits.

  • Trevin Peterson- Senior project on upgrading the firepit and benches at the city hall. Trevin proposed Treks for the benches which would require extra support. Trevin also mentioned using 2x6x8 pressure treated lumber. Trevin plans to straighten up, support and repaint benches. Robert Allred said he had plenty of Treks if Trevin would like to come and get it.  For the firepit, he plans to do a 2’ cement ring surrounding the firepit. Trevin also plans to put a metal ring in. It was suggested to check salvage yards to see if they have them available.  His approximate cost would be $1400. He asked if the city would contribute. On a previous Eagle Scout project, the city matched the donations collected by the Scout. Robert Allred said he would donate higher-end Treks. Cindy Piggott would donate a couple of bags of cement.

Motion to accept his proposal to upgrade the firepit/benches. City will donate a maximum of $700 or up to 50% of cost, whichever is less.      

Bob Searle, Dan Porter, Vote Unanimous

  • Dallas Smith- discussed the water hook up for the Workshop 270 N 50 East-He informed the council that he purchased this property (workshop) and the property to the South on January 1, 2021. Dallas mentioned he does not plan to build on the acreage to the South of the workshop. He thought there would be no additional cost for the water hook-up. However, at the time Troy Carlin built the workshop, he only paid $1250 for the hook-up which did not include the cost of the meter. Philip Ward will research the cost of the meter. It was also mentioned that he would be required to pay a road deposit of $1200. He would be required to repair the road to the satisfaction of the city, at which time his $1200 would be refunded. If not, the city would ensure repair was completed and no refund would be given. The mayor mentioned if the level of the repair on the road sinks, Dallas would be required to add additional road base/compaction. Dallas was given cut sheets for water hook-up. Dallas was informed that he would need a building permit and payment for the road and meter prior to starting project.


  • Blake Hart – representing the Alfred A. Hart & Family. They would like a designated Bloomington Family Legacy Room to collect family history, documents, and memorabilia from community members. Several books have been donated to the room. The Hart family would be happy to donate computer, file cabinets, table and chairs, bookcases. As a family, they would contribute $1,000.00 for the establishment for the room. Blake would like it dedicated to James H. Hart and Alfred A. Hart with their pictures hung on the wall.

Mike Knapp suggested a 1-year contract. Blake proposed bringing a contract back to the city, outlining the responsibilities of the city and the Harts for further discussion. Mike Knapp requested the contract be provided at least one week in advance for review by the council prior to it being presented at a council meeting. Blake was given permission to have a flyer at the Memorial Day Breakfast.

Richard/Kathleen Nelsen-proposed (letter) changing the 99’ platted road to a 60’ platted road, vacating the 39’ on 1st West going South. Kathleen suggested it would benefit the city because there would be less acreage to maintain. Reed Findlay said his family supports this letter that Kathleen read at the meeting. The Nelsen’s were informed to change a platted road, they would need to publish in the newspaper for 2 weeks prior to the week of the meeting, the request to reduce the size of the road from 99’ to 60’. They need to notify the city clerk of their intent so the meeting agenda will be posted as a public hearing. Diane Martin was informed she would need to do the same thing regarding 1st South from 1st West to Cemetery Road.



  • Survey of intersections within the city- Spoke with Tim Christensen (surveyor) regarding 3rd North staked out at 132’ not 99’. Tim said he will redo that intersection. Tim and the Mayor think the intersections that have been previously staked out may all have been done at 132’ instead of the 99’ and need to be redone with metal stakes at the four corners. The mayor asked the council which intersections should have priority. It was suggested he ask for 1st North from 3rd West going Westward. The other road is the intersection at 3rd North and 2nd
  • 21 Pines water issue – Philip was given the contact information and will follow up.



  • Signage grant- Our contact person, Molly, has taken a new job. Crystal is our new contact. Dan has not been able to reach her yet but will continue to follow up.
  • Information from flyer on road coating- followed up and it was too expensive.
  • Ron Dunford – repair to the dip in the road has been completed.


  • Emergency back-up procedures- Dan said DEQ may have procedures for the Bloomington/Paris waterline. Paris had an issue and needed to connect the lines. The mayor was contacted and asked Paris to open both sides but, in the future, it is imperative for both cities to be represented. Robert Clark is currently the representative on the Paris side. Robert mentioned that the Bloomington side was open. Philip will verify it has been closed.

System needs to be flushed twice a year.

  • Water committee tabled until next month.
  • Meter at the water tank – Philip talked to Shawn Turner. Shawn told Philip he still needs to talk to the guy that would be providing the meter. If meter is replaced, we need to use the bypass so water is not shut off to the entire city. The mayor spoke with Clyde Rainey at Sunrise Engineering. He said Wyoming had done this recently and he could recommend a contractor.


  • Sewer lift station- waiting for the switch. The switch should be in June 1-15. Mike Knapp will follow up.
  • Mike Knapp will check into sewer line size for Ron Dunford’s pavilion. It was mentioned that the line was oversized and there is possibly a sewer dump station on the property.

City Clerk:

  • Petition of Candidacy – provided 3 petitions.
  • Loan for the water tower was tabled for a future date
  • Cemetery information and mapping was updated on the website

City Offices/Hall:

  • Backup generator for the City Hall – Bob is working on wording for a grant through PacifiCorp.
  • Memorial Ceremony (Flag raising and breakfast)- Bob said it is all planned. Flag ceremony starts at 8am. Bob will work with Winston Hart on the sound system.
  • Fire extinguishers (need recharged) at the Hall and Office – council thought it was a good idea to get them recharged. Talk to OK Tire who can fill and will verify that they can certify them. Bob Searle will check with OK Tire.

Follow up:

  • Repair of risers (post office and hall) – Roy volunteered to help with them. Philip will contact Roy.
  • Next adjudication meeting – unable to ask Roy
  • Mayor brought up paying extra on the sewer bond – The City owes $222,241.54. The mayor asked council if they agree in city paying $40,000 on the bond. Motion to pay $40,000.

Dan Porter, Bob Searle, Vote Unanimous

Motion to accept: Dan Porter, Bob Searle Vote Unanimous

Delinquent accounts: Looks really good

Payment of expenses:  April 2021

Motion to accept: Dan Porter, Mike Knapp, Vote Unanimous

Motion to dismiss: 10:05 pm

Motion to accept: Philip Ward, Mike Knapp, Vote Unanimous

Next City Council Meeting: June 16, 2021