MINUTES November 20, 2019

45 North 3rd West. Bloomington, ID 83223


Called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Ted McGhee

Attendees: Mayor Ted McGhee, Marilyn Wilkes, Rich Kearl, Shawn Turner, Dan Porter

Community Attendees: Roy Bunderson, Tim Passey

 Invocation: Rich Kearl

Review/Approval of Minutes from October 24, 2019

           Dan Porter, Shawn Turner, Vote Unanimous

Community Comments: Roy Bunderson asked why Paris didn’t request use of the secondary water source when their water was out.  They didn’t think it was an emergency (they forgot they could).  Do we need to meet with Paris to go over the procedure on how to go about connecting the systems, then post the procedure in the City office. Possibly put a spare key in the key box.

Mayor Business:

  • Mayor would like to improve the parking area by the water tank at no cost to the City. DEQ is okay with it as long as there is no infringement to the stream.  County Commissioner likes to park there when snowmobiling and sometimes get blocked in. He would be interested in the project.  Mayor told them we could not afford to spend money on it.
    • Shawn Turner thinks there needs to be more community input. This will be tabled until next month.
  • Move funds from Water savings into Water Construction account so the next yearly payment amount in in the account.


  • DCDI said they would be back in the spring and clean up areas of digging so we won’t deal with issues until them.
  • Sewer lagoons are very low since the Wastewater project, which is a good thing.


  • Status of sign placement on Findlay Spring fence. Sign is at the City.  Will be posted this month.
  • Status on running waterline on 50 East – additional bids (Shawn Turner). One of our two bidders is pulling out unless we are in a pinch.  Is Troy Carlin still interested since he has his property for sale?
  • Status of property issues by water tank (assisting beavers in creating dams across the river/creek (involve Bloomington Irrigation Co because water source blockage for irrigation); move or removal of fence; gate removal, any other issues).
    • Mayor talked to attorney, who wrote a letter for the Council to approve or amend. Mayor has not been able to directly contact the owner.  City property has been flagged by surveyor on all corners– and his fence and gate were put on City property.
    • Bloomington Irrigation is also working on this issue.
  • Water was turned off at Don Robbs property.
  • Move funds from Water savings into Water Construction account so the next yearly payment amount is in the account.


  • Status of lowering meters and cement surrounds for meter covers on corner by Hall (Shawn Turner/Miles Nash)
    • Miles Nash is not interested in doing this project now. Shawn will order the parts and someone from the City will pick up the parts when going out of town.
  • Status of repairs to oil roads by Bortek/Direct Communications
  • Status/timing of road repair on two construction sites in City (Shawn Turner/Martin Bills) Tabled until spring.
  • Status of new snow plow
    • Mayor was requested to look into the new snow plow.

City Offices/Hall:

  • Status on City Office remodel schedule
    • Dan Porter released Colton Ward because he is too busy. Dan Porter, Shawn Turner, and Tim Passey have discussed what needs to be done.  It is being turned over to Tim.  Shawn Turner would oversee the project.

Follow up:

  • Grant money for GIS/mapping program? Shawn Turner will keep looking for a class that will cover this and the next item also.
  • Did IRWA have any GIS/mapping programs or equipment (Shawn Turner)?
  • Status of cutting and removal of tree stumps (from wind-downed trees).
    • Still on Rick Thomas’ schedule.

Santa and Candy: Shawn Turner will check with his boys.  Marilyn will get candy — 100 count.  Will try to stay with the $3.00 amount per unit.

Delinquent Accounts: Looking good

Payment of Expenses:  October 2019

Rich Kearl, Shawn Turner, Vote unanimous (Shawn Turner and Rich Kearl recuse themselves for anything relating to them, other than City Council duties.

Motion to dismiss:

Dan Porter, Shawn Turner, Vote unanimous

Dismissed at 9:05 p.m.

  • Next City Council Meeting:, December 18, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.