Working Meeting Minutes


45 N 1st West

November 4, 2020 Time 7:00pm

Reminder: Please wear your face mask at the meeting, which includes public attendees. 

Attendees: Shawn Turner (Acting Mayor), Dan Porter, Bob Searle, Marilyn Wilkes, Christine Cooper 

Community Attendees (3 to 5 minutes): 

Desiree Smith, Trish Carlin, Stacey Bateman, Katie Payne, Mary & Rob Allred, Elmo Krogue, Paul Sousa, Doug Barneck, Richard & Kathleen Nelsen, Diane & Spouse Martin, Roy & Shannon Bunderson, Robert Ward, and Phillip Ward

Invocation: Rich Kearl 

Community Comments (3 to 5 minutes):

Motion to add discussion of the Corona Virus funding to the agenda. Rich Kearl and Bob Searle -Vote Unanimous

Roy Bunderson – Corona Virus funding. Roy said the city can get up to $7200.00. We must be registered and apply for funds by December 11. Roy will get us registered and apply for funds. He will work with Christine and Marilyn for any invoice needed. Roy mentioned the bathroom remodel to be included in the funding. 

We may need a special meeting to proceed. 

Shawn Turner – great public input and turnout. This meeting is to go over Ordinances. Public was able to speak and we will add South 1st West road to the next City Council Meeting Agenda.

Motion to amend Agenda to collect public comments on South 1st West road. Rich Kearl and Bob Searle – Vote Unanimous 

    • Purpose of road? Access to Roy Bunderson property? Anything else?
    • Who is benefiting?
    • Fence line – timeline when fences to be moved
    • Platted road- does survey show road goes South to the City limit? How far does Roy Bunderson plan to take road?
    • Intersection? An intersection to be squared?
    • Open as road or trail?

Other comments on this issue:

    • Roy Bunderson states he is working with DEQ and Army Corp of Engineers, pending soil samples. Idaho Water Resources will be involved in any water issues, including a bridge or piping for Spring.
    • Diane Martin and Richard Nelsen wondered about a variance for buildings now in place.
      • Diane was told as long as they are standing, they are ok. If they are removed and plans are to rebuild, they would be required to follow current guidelines. Diane also mentioned Executive Order 11990 stating you can not destroy wetlands. She plans to do a petition in the Spring. 
  • Comments were made questioning the extension the extension 1st South towards the cemetery. The City has not received a request to extend 1st South to the West (toward the cemetery) and has no plans to do so at this time even though it is platted. 
  • There was a discussion on the Business License Application. Most residents seemed favorable. 
  • The Short-Term Rental Ordinance was highly disputed and needs to be edited.
  • It was mentioned it may a problem to regulate Short Term Rentals and we are looking in to that. 
  • Survey will be sent out to all property owners to get input. Survey needs to be discussed at the next City Council Meeting. 

Motion to dismiss: Dismissed at 08:46 pm

Dan Porter, Bob Searle-Vote Unanimous 

Next Regular City Council Meeting: November 18, 2020