April 12th, 2018



Called to order at 7:08 pm by Mayor McGhee


Attendees: Ted McGhee, Rich Kearl, Joe Dunford, Dan Porter, Shawn Turner, Marilyn Wilkes and Lisa Eborn


Community Attendees: Eddie Payne, Eric Bunderson, Roy Bunderson, Shannon Bunderson, Clyde Rainey, Heber Dunford, David Bee


Invocation Dan Porter


Review of Minutes from March 8th, 2018

            Rich Kearl, Shawn Turner, vote unanimous

Special Meeting-        

Review of sewer bond

Community comments: Roy Bunderson has some concerns about the price increase of building permits, he provided a copy of the Idaho Statutes

Sunrise Engineering –

Mayor Ted McGhee signed the agreement on sewer project, the videoing will start the first part of June

Water– no issues

Sewer– Shawn will check with Roy about a chemical for the sewer project to prevent leaks

Roads- no issues

Mayoral Business-

             >Status on Surplus of State property- still pending

>Mayor will check with Dale Thornock on this

City Hall/Offices – Mayor will check with attorney about liability for the open ditch across from hall

Follow up items

            >Development Permit/Resolution/Dissolution of old Resolutions/Ordinances

>Identify Costs and needs throughout the town that is needed and bring ideas to next meeting

Delinquent Accounts – Discussed the delinquent accounts. They are looking good at this time.

Payment of Expenses-

            Motion to accept and pay the expenses as presented. Mayor was given permission to pay bills

Dan Porter, Rich Kearl, Vote Unanimous

Motion to dismiss- Shawn Turner, Dan Porter, Vote Unanimous

Dismissed at 9:19 p.m.

Next City Council Meeting – May 10th, 2018 at 7:00 pm