August 9, 2018



Called to order at 7:07 pm by Mayor McGhee

Attendees- Ted McGhee, Joe Dunford, Rich Kearl, Shawn Turner, Dan Porter, Marilyn Wilkes, Jason Linford

Community Attendees- Patrick & Christy Hoins, Kris & Trevin Peterson

Invocation Shawn Turner

Review of Minutes from July 12, 2018

    Shawn Turner, Dan Porter, vote unanimous

Community Comments- Patrick & Christy Hoins introduced themselves as possible future residents.

  • Trevin Peterson made a report on his fire hydrant project. He provided the City with a map of the fire hydrants.  He thanked the City for the opportunity to complete his Eagle Project.

Sunrise Engineering-

  • Update on Wastewater project. Raising of manhole covers completed and inspected. Three of the concrete surroundings have cracked.  Will monitor the others and recommend action next week.  They will be fixing a few of the repairs to road.  Pipe sections have been videoed and all were repaired.  One needs to be re-repaired at north end of the City.  It was damaged when filled.  Another leak at the south end of 89 was identified and will be fixed.  The north one will be covered by the contractor, the south end will be covered by the contract. These may be fixed using Val Kotter method on both locations. Thirty-four vented manhole covers were installed.  Te contract was right on with pavement cutting and raising manhole covers.  They lifted manhole lids and the flow in the pipes has been lowered.  Up the canyon lines are still flowing kind of full.  There is still a hole in the road at the intersection of 1st West and 4th  Jason will talk to Bear Lake Construction.  RD wants everything ready to go on the 15th.  Reseeding may need to be completed in the Fall.
  • Water project: All items have been completed.

Mayor Business- Surplus State Property:  still pending

Sewer- Last weekend Philip Ward called regarding sewer water running down the road.  The problem has been resolved, but no details were given.

Water- We need two valve covers fixed in the Hall parking lot and repair the level of the asphalt.

Roads- Pot holes have been repaired.

  • Joe has talked with Rick Thomas about grading and filling roads (where necessary) when he has time.
  • Need a new 6-wheel truck with a good snow plow. Joe will look into this.
  • Next year need to oil the dirt roads.
  • County needs to take care of the road from the State highway up the canyon.
  • Speed bump was installed above Johnson’s on Canyon Road. Still need to continue to discuss traffic control on Canyon Road: signage, speed bumps, etc.

City Hall/Offices- There is a low spot in the asphalt in front of the south door.  Also there is a berm to the east end on the west side.   Some of the asphalt has been pulled away where vehicles pull out.

  • Beth Ann Passey is resigning as of September 1, 2018. Dan suggested we consider a regular part-time employee to cover these issues.  Joe will check with Bob Church for lawn care through the end of the season.
  • Trash service: Dan talked with Troy at Craiggerbuilt about a sign for the dumpster stating it is not for the general public.  About $50.00 for two signs for the dumpster.  Given approval to handle.
  • Ryan Turner wants to pull down the shed behind the City Office for his Eagle Project.
  • Trent Peterson is in the process of completing his Eagle Project of redoing the horseshoe pits at the Hall.
  • Signs for the Hall have been received but need to be installed before winter.

Follow Up items-

  • Development Permit/Resolution/Ordinance Dissolution of old Resolutions/Ordinances: This was discussed.  Marilyn will make changes that were agreed upon and will send to Council members for further review.  The Resolution will be corrected as discussed and Public Notice will be put into the newspaper for two weeks.  Public meeting will be held during the next City Council meeting.

Delinquent Accounts-

Payment of Expenses –

  • Motion to accept and pay the expenses as presented. Rich Kearl and Shawn Turner recused themselves from their portion.

Joe Dunford, Dan Porter, Vote Unanimous

Motion to Dismiss: Joe Dunford, Dan Porter, Vote Unanimous

Dismissed at 9:35 p.m.

Next City Council Meeting –September 13, 2018 at 7:00 pm