December 19, 2018


Called to order at 7:05 pm by Mayor McGhee

Attendees: Mayor Ted McGhee, Shawn Turner, Dan Porter, Rich Kearl, Joe Dunford, Marilyn Wilkes

Community Attendees: Roy Bunderson, Shannon Bunderson

Invocation Mayor Ted McGhee

Review of Minutes from November 15, 2018

  • Corrections were made to Nick Hart property and Roads sections.

             Joe Dunford, Dan Porter, Vote unanimous

Community comments: Roy Bunderson has some concerns on the Bloomington/Paris water project.  He feels Sunrise Engineering took advantage of the City.  Requests bids to be taken on any future projects.  Not happy with their charges.  They charged $6000.00 for an “as built” which we have not received.  Also, Legal charges from McKenzie and McKenzie did not show hours spent or an hourly rate.  He went through his findings and feels Paris owes us an additional $8000.00.

Roy requested information on the Wastewater project to review.  Joe Dunford agreed he would like Roy to look at the paperwork.

The Mayor spoke with Paris’s Mayor and Dave Matthews on the study issues.  They are not aware of charges prior to 2015.

City of Bloomington City Council is satisfied with the amount City of Paris has paid for this project.  There is question if Paris would be liable for any additional pre-2015 charges.  No one disagreed.

Mayor Business-

  • Bill Bunker and Jean Pugmire called to see if they could purchase our tractor parked in the property we recently received from the State. We don’t know the condition or value of the tractor. Shawn Turner mentioned we may be able to put a mower attachment on it and use it for maintenance on the property and any City property along the roads if residents are not maintaining it.  Joe Dunford has a bush hog that we could use to mow.
  • Optional Taxes brought up by Justin Ruen from the State. Need to look into whether the State and/or County would take anything.  Otherwise, maybe if they are designated for Roads.


  • Nada Jean Thomas has a leak in her line after work the sewer repairs were done. We have not received information on the second and third cameraing findings.  Also, there is another place with a leak that we have not been given a specific location.  We would also like clarification on a leak by Phillip Ward’s home which was fixed.  We don’t know what the issue was or how it was fixed.  Do we need the camera people to verify the line from there back to the valves at the ponds?
  • Sewer ponds are looking good at this time. Fence posts between our property and Hulmes’ property are in.  Wire should be put in shortly. Do we need to complete the other part of the fence SW corner to the road and fence all the City property.  Once the wires are added, let Marilyn know so the Hulmes can be billed their portion ($750.00).


  • Water spigot is running at Victor Reese’s home and creating problems. He needs to turn off running water and drain his line so it doesn’t freeze.
  • A letter needs to be sent to Simpsons regarding water running to alleviate sewer problem. If this is the case, they need to repair.
  • Water leak across from Chris Tueller and broken shut off valve on hydrant by Dave Madsens need to be addressed.
  • Next time the plow is out, request that Doran plow the road up the canyon to the water tank.
  • Council approved having USDA/RD pull out $100,000.00 to pay down our unpaid principal.


  • Joe will check with Rick Thomas on fixing the culverts.
  • We have 12-foot treated poles that can be used for road signage. Dan Porter has spoken to Craiggerbuilt for a bid on signs.  They run between $58.00 per $160.00 for smaller and larger signage.

City Hall/Offices –

  • Bulletin board to be discussed closer to Springtime.
  • New maintenance personnel. Still looking for person/people to do maintenance on both the building and outside property.
  • Look into Christmas decorations for next year.

Follow up items:

  • Santa for Christmas Eve. Bryce Turner will be Santa.  Andes mints or chocolate oranges were suggested… approximately $3.00 per unit. Maybe 100 units.
  • In the coming year, we need to address the issue of air B&B rental properties and RV rental spaces.

Delinquent Accounts –

Accounts are in good shape.  Some are late but have been contacted.

Payment of Expenses-

  • October 2018

Joe Dunford, Shawn Turner, Vote unanimous

  • November 2018

Joe Dunford, Shawn Turner, Vote unanimous

Motion to dismiss- Joe Dunford, Shawn Turner, Vote unanimous

Dismissed at 9:13 pm

Next City Council Meeting –January 16th, 2019 at 7:00 pm