Minutes March 8th, 2018



Called to order at 7:05 pm by Mayor Ted McGhee

Attendees: Mayor Ted McGhee, Rich Kearl, Dan Porter, Shawn Turner, Marilyn Wilkes and Lisa Eborn

Community Attendees: Victor Reese, Gary Brogan, David Bee

Invocation Mayor Ted McGhee

Review of Minutes from February 8, 2018

Shawn Turner, Rich Kearl, Vote Unanimous

Community comments: None

Mr. Gary Brogan –

  • Presentation on upcoming Plant Facility Election

Victor Reese –

  • Property Line / Easement: Land doesn’t affect the City.  Mayor offered to personally purchase an acre of land for access into BLM property for $5000.00.  He also offered to survey the property.  The Council discussed and thought that since it didn’t benefit the City as a whole, it wouldn’t be possible for the City to do anything.  Victor said he thought the Sewer/Water trade-off as requested previously wouldn’t be possible.  Victor is open to further discussion after a survey.  He has made a formal request that we work on this.  We will look into easement information and provide it to Victor Reese.  We also need to get the Cemetery District involved.  The Council gives the Mayor permission to investigate this further.

Mayoral Business –

  • Status on Surplus of State property- still pending
  • Doran Smith wages—Marilyn Wilkes will call and notify him that wages of $16.00 per hour as of February 2018 were approved.

Motion to give Doran Smith an increase to $16.00 per hour starting February 1, 2018 for snow plowing, using his better judgement.

Rich Kearl, Dan Porter, Vote Unanimous

  • Ambulance Garage: We will not deed land for the Ambulance Garage.  They are anxious to stay in City of Bloomington.

Sewer – No issues

Water – Shawn Turner will look into another shut-off for the water in the City.  Shawn will check with Eddy Payne.

Roads – No issues

City Hall/Offices – Door knob is loose on City office door.  Shawn Turner will fix it.

Follow up items –

  • Development Permit/Resolution/Dissolution of old Resolutions/Ordinances: Mayor Ted McGhee gave copies to Shawn Turner and asked him to review all the old ordinances and make one current Ordinance tie to the current Development Permit.
  • Blocked corners by bushes/trees/ buildings. This will just be handled with individual notice if there is an issue.

Delinquent Accounts – Discussed the delinquent accounts. They are looking good at this time.  Good effort was made to contact those in arrears.

Payment of Expenses-

Motion to accept and pay the expenses as presented.

Shawn Turner, Dan Porter, Vote Unanimous.  Shawn Turner recused himself from any payments relating to him,

Motion to dismiss: Rich Kearl, Dan Porter, Vote Unanimous

Dismissed at 9:18 p.m.

Next City Council Meeting – April 12, 2018 at 7:00 pm