April 17th, 2019 7:00 PM


Called to order at 7:03 pm by Mayor McGhee

Attendees: Mayor Ted McGhee, Marilyn Wilkes, Joe Dunford, Rich Kearl, Lisa Eborn, Dan Porter

Community Attendees: Eddie Payne, David Matthews, Brent Lewis, Eric Bunderson

 Invocation: Rich Kearl

Review of Minutes from December 19th, 2018

          Dan Porter, Joe Dunford ,Vote Unanimous

Community comments:

  • Mayor mentioned Roy said there was a $10,000 deficit mayor wanted him to explain this and he could not be to the meeting today
  • Eddie Payne was wanting to know when the signs and lights would be put up on Canyon Street for the speeders

Mayor Business:

  • A building permit for Don Thornock was given
  • Ted’s son in law Mark Peterson is wanting to enclose the sides of the existing roof that is already there that’s already covered. Does he need to pay for a building permit to enclose it? The council decided there is a footprint there already and it does not need a building permit, he had a permit payed for this building and the council decided they would pay him back for the permit he payed for due to not needing a permit to enclose it.


  • Shawn is not here tonight nothing was mentioned


  • Shawn has been working on getting the line fixed across from Tueller’s nothing has changed from last month, Rich said he will find out more


  • In the middle of May, Dan from State Wide Paving will come take a look at it to see what needs fixed
  • Joe also talked to Rick about putting in new culverts -extending them by Dale Thornock and Roy Bunderson’s
  • Joe will call again soon to see about getting a new snowplow

City Hall/Offices:

  • The floor in the Hall has been refinished
  • The bulletin boards are here and Tim will help put them in when he gets a little bit more time, lawn mower is in getting serviced
  • Spruce tree needs to be taken out of there, they have decided to just leave it in there for now until it is decided what to do with it . (Joe mentioned putting it in his museum)
  • The Hall also might need a new fridge and range
  • BethAnn is going to continue doing the cleaning or the Hall
  • Dan talked about the Memorial Day celebration and the details on who is doing what

Follow up items:

  • Spruce Tree

Delinquent Accounts:

  • Accounts are in good shape
  • A notice will be sent to Jesse Strong about his water being shut off if he does not get caught up on his bill in a couple weeks


Payment of Expenses:

  • March 2019

Joe Dunford, Dan Porter, Vote unanimous

Motion to dismiss:

Rich Kearl, Joe Dunford,  vote unanimous

Dismissed at 8:38 PM

Next City Council Meeting – May 15th, 2019 at 7:00 pm