March 20th, 2019 7:00 PM


Called to order at 7:01 pm by Mayor McGhee

Attendees: Mayor Ted McGhee, Marilyn Wilkes, Joe Dunford, Shawn Turner, Lisa Eborn, Dan Porter

Community Attendees: Roy Bunderson, Shannon Bunderson, Eric Bunderson

 Invocation: Ted McGhee

Review of Minutes from December 19th, 2018

          Dan Porter, Shawn Turner ,Vote Unanimous

Community comments: none at this time

Mayor Business:

  • Ted mentioned that he needed to order more speeding tickets, they changed the tickets and they are not the same as the ones we already have


  • The wire still has not been put in, the ponds are looking good
  • Shawn mentioned a break in the line at the Batemans place, they had a backup on their sewer/a break in the line. The break is on their side not City’s
  • Shawn talked about the water and sewer line being
  • Roy mentioned that there might be a leak between Edith Wards house and Nada Jeans Thomas’s, Shawn will look into it
  • Shawn mentioned that the sewer and water line by Winston’s , he found out it is a 8” line not a 4” line


  • Martin Bills is going to fix the line that is across from Tueller’s as soon as he is done with the two other jobs he has to do
  • The leak by Nada Jean’s
  • Roy asked for a chance to sit down with the council to have them explain to him on the water contract and billing between Bloomington and Paris


  • There are a couple spots where they have done the repairs that have settled and breaking up, he will keep an eye out on those places and Shawn mentioned contacting sunrise about the warranty work, their project doesn’t close until June

City Hall/Offices:

  • Dan thinks that everyone should help with the Memorial Day celebration
  • Tim wants to continue taking care of the outside of the hall
  • Winston and Betsy Hart are willing to do the Memorial Day Breakfast again this year

Follow up items:

  • Shawn said that the HVAC has been taken care of
  • Shawn ordered new meters, the state changed the size of the pipe

Delinquent Accounts:

  • Accounts are in good shape

Payment of Expenses:

  • February 2019

Joe Dunford, Dan Porter, Vote unanimous

Motion to dismiss:

Joe Dunford, Shawn Turner, Vote Unanimous

Dismissed at 8:57 PM

Next City Council Meeting – April 17th , 2019 at 7:00 pm